About R+D Studio 


r+d studio is a design and research studio based in Gurgaon, India. The studio works on the idea of collaborative design rather than one right solution. We engage in a process that explores possibilities and strategies to redefine the programmatic norms. We believe that a strong dialogue with the client results in architectural solutions of greater eminence, precision and performance. We engage in an operative framework where constraints are viewed as opportunities and the performance of a space is valued over just satisfying the programmatic requirements. We hope to explore through our projects, every client’s aspiration without sacrificing the creativity no matter how big or small the project. In order to fertilize our concepts, we go beyond the traditional tools of architecture by engaging in 3D virtual modelling, Building Information Modelling, 3-D rapid prototyping and EZ laser cutting machines for physical model explorations. The studio aims to blur the boundaries by feeding into art, media, sociology, sustainability, technology, fashion, and graphic design.