• South View School
    South View School

    With an intention of building a sanctum for the kids, South View School exhibits statuesque, fortified walls that are punctured by a narrow alley that reflect the fort city streetscape meeting at intersections which are the lungs of the settlement. As one enters through the slender pathway, they are met with a voluminous premise, where the building introduces an illustrious courtyard, symbolic to a city square. Keeping up with the standard functionality of an institutional space, the studio took a call to romanticize the building’s central core and to amplify its individuality by highlighting its form. Standing tall with its mighty facade and its majestic courtyard, the building proffers a nod to UAE Fort’s emblematic architecture.

  • Habitat Resort
    Habitat Resort

    An ode to the river that flows beneath.

  • Bharat Bhavan | Plug IN, with Akasa Architecture
    Bharat Bhavan | Plug IN, with Akasa Architecture

    The functions of the Bharat Bhavan 2.0 are the same and more, but it is the setting that redefines the way they are perceived. A space is evaluated through an entirely reorganized vocabulary: no longer is it geometrically composed or visualized, but computed, calibrated, assessed, predicted & optimized. Analogically drawn from the original lifelines of India – its Rivers, Bharat Bhawan 2.0 looks at cultural reinvigoration through a fluid, seamless, continuous flow of ‘CULTURE‘ that is not isolated and displaced but rather as a set of Plug-Ins that could permeate any contextual setting.

    The design draws its inspiration from the rivers of India and its ghats in a series of paths and platforms and the concept of PLUG IN which connects the BHARAT BHAVAN 2.0 to the people as they transgress through their daily lives. The idea is that one doesn’t need to go to culture but it happens all around you.

    The design is conceived as a journey rather than a destination.


  • Cottage in the Woods
    Cottage in the Woods

    The design challenges the timeless depictions of the built environment and questions the legitimacy of existing non-transformative notions of architectural meaning and value. The traditional house (Tak) is studied, analyzed and deconstructed to extract the syntax of the cottage in the woods. The resultant design is a simple derivative which fuses the two basic typologies of the traditional structure. Multiple iterations are studied and tested on site for performance, experience and flexibility before a final iteration is chosen.

    Nagpur, Maharashtra

  • Toilet 001
    Toilet 001



  • Wonder Years Nursery 3
    Wonder Years Nursery 3

    The kindergarten nursery is a ground only structure sitting amidst the concrete towers of Dubai sports city. The use of color, natural materials and light were a key to realizing the design environment in conjunction with the planning. To achieve the balance the roof of the nursery has been punctured with skylights to allow natural light to penetrate to all parts of the school. The bold primary colors, accentuated by ambient natural light, were vital in completing the vision.

  • Wonder Years Nursery