South View School

Project : South View School

Location : Remraam, Dubai, UAE

Status : Completed in 2021

Area : 1,35000 sq.ft

Design Team : Shridhar Rao, Shikha Doogar, Rachita Malhotra, Rohan Arora, Karishma Garg, Arushi Chand, Rana Sarkar, Manvi Dixit

Associated Research:
Process V/s Project

South View School

As an institution housed to nurture and educate young minds, and created as a perfect blend of rationale planning and aspirational design, The South View School is creating a landmark within the Dubai school community.

As a coalescence of different building blocks, the K12 school is designed around the concept of conjoining engineering and architecture, while keeping its context in the highest regard.


With an intention of building a sanctum for the kids, South View School exhibits statuesque, fortified walls that are punctured by a narrow alley that reflect the fort city streetscape meeting at intersections which are the lungs of the settlement. As one enters through the slender pathway, they are met with a voluminous premise, where the building introduces an illustrious courtyard, symbolic to a city square. Keeping up with the standard functionality of an institutional space, the studio took a call to romanticize the building’s central core and to amplify its individuality by highlighting its form. Standing tall with its mighty facade and its majestic courtyard, the building proffers a nod to UAE Fort’s emblematic architecture.


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