Title of the Project: INDIAN WAR MEMORIAL

Client Name: Government of India

Location (City/ State): Lawn 1, India Gate Area, New Delhi

Project Area: 51,000 sqm

Design Year: 2016

Name of Firm: r+d studio, Gurugram

Name of Principals: Shikha Doogar, Shridhar Rao

Design Team: Smriti Kapoor, Raghav Raj, Tiyas Mandal, Rashmi Singh, Akshay Srinivas, Durga Prasad G., Rohan Arora, Silky Verma, Saurabh Suryan.

Associated Research:
Program V/s Performace


Mapping of land use to generate an understanding of the surrounding programs such that the resultant design ties into the old and creates a new which can grow into the future. The site LAWN 1 is used in the current design proposal. The lawns have been kept permeable in line with the existing. The site is mainly pedestrian and the existing flow, movement and exchange has been maintained. Lawn 1 has the advantage of being in proximity to Bus and metro lines. The existing terrain is categorized into different landscape elements so that the proposed design can be a derivative and an extension. Use of water is very strategic to entire landscape. The soft scrape is generous while the hardscape is very structured. The topography of the Lawn 1 is flat and covered with dense foliage. The design proposes a Journey through the mapping of the wars in time. A field condition of wars is laid out on the terrain through an experience generated by materials, topography and movements. The duration of wars is mapped on site with wars fought; as destinations, which hold the martyrs from each battle. The design is conceived as a journey rather than a destination to the homage point – as war

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