Wonder Years Nursery

Project : Wonder Years Nursery 


Location : Dubai, UAE


Status : Completed


Area :10500sqft


Design Team : Shikha Doogar, Shridhar Rao, Aditi Bhatia, Samiksha Khanna, Prasant Behara, Dipanshu Gola

Associated Research:
Program V/s Performace

Wonder Years Nursery

The nursery was envisioned as twelve classrooms strung around a common central space, that facilitates learning beyond the physical boundaries of classrooms. The central court is designed as the soul of the nursery, bringing the children together in a hub of programs, such as an art zone, a gymnasium, a role play area and an open courtyard. By creating multiple uses of the same spaces, the teachers and the students are able to define the complex relationship that transpires between 'space' and it’s 'use'. This substantiates the integral philosophy by which the architects look at design - the phenomenology of space and its association to a variable program.   The kindergarten nursery is a ground only structure sitting amidst the concrete towers of Dubai sports city. The use of color, natural materials and light were a key to realizing the design environment in conjunction with the planning. To achieve the balance the roof of the nursery has been punctured with skylights to allow natural light to penetrate to all parts of the school. The bold primary colors, accentuated by ambient natural light, were vital in completting the vision.